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In Their Own Words

Your world will never be the same after a Discovery Student Adventure—but you don’t have to take our word for it. Learn what previous student travelers and their parents have to say about Discovery Student Adventures.

The snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was amazing. I liked it so much I want to be a marine biologist so I can explore the underwater world as a job.”

—Shea Snider, Student, Castle Rock, Colo.

What an amazing trip! I know that Daniel is never going to be the same. I can see how much it has expanded his horizon. He is so excited—and so am I!”

—Alice Olson, Parent, Los Angeles, Calif.

If I remember one thing from this trip, I hope it will always be the idea of ubuntu, which was explained to us as ‘I am because you are.’ I felt this idea alive in all the communities and people I encountered in South Africa.”

—Mary Oeftering, Student, Dallas, Texas

It was amazing to be standing there praying with monks in China. It was definitely an experience many people will never get to have, and one I am grateful for.”

—Kim Gennaro, Student, Manalapan, N.J.

Bouncing through the ‘bush’ on the back of a ‘scout’ that seated about 20 people was awesome. What was even more awesome was seeing an elephant a few feet away from me. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime.”

—Meagan Martin, Student, Batesville, Ark.

The trips are outstanding. Follow the guidance of the Discovery team and the teacher, and your child will have an exceptional and educational experience like no other.”

—Liz Daly, Parent, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Discovery Student Adventures truly does live up to its name. Every day we discovered something new and along with that discovery came a new adventure. I couldn't complain about one thing about this trip. We were surrounded by the most incredible staff.”

—Maha Ezalarab, Student, Verona, Wis.

The visit [to the Apartheid Museum] made me reflect upon my personal history as well as the history of my own nation and caused me to look at human nature in a whole new way.”

—Daniel Pipkin, Student, Dallas, Texas

It was a life-changing and wonderful experience for the kids. It provided them the opportunity to meet new and different people, and see things that they may only get to see on TV.”

—Kathy Gatzemeyer, Parent, Dallas, Texas

I would strongly suggest for anybody who has thought to travel abroad to do it now and do it with Discovery Student Adventures.”

—Cory Bolotsky, Student, Manalapan, N.J.

Through a Teacher’s Eyes

You will change your students’ lives on a Discovery Student Adventure—not only the ones who travel with you, but also those in the classroom who will benefit from your new knowledge. Learn what previous teachers have to say about their Discovery Student Adventures.

I know that the trip has enhanced my ability to explain to my students about the world that lies outside theirs.”

—Karen Wells, Teacher, Batesville, Ark.

I would describe it as an intensive, educational life memory that is invaluable now and will remain so forever.”

—Ken Shelton, Teacher, Playa Vista, Calif.

Not only do you want to see these sites, but you also want to meet people and become a part of the country’s culture.”

—Jennifer Jensen, Teacher, Castle Rock, Colo.

Firsthand knowledge of ecology, geography, and scientific research are just the beginning of what my students received.”

—Carol Anne McGuire, Teacher, Calabassas, Calif.