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Discovery Student Adventures

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All-Inclusive Trips

Discovery Student Adventures aren’t like any other teacher led student group trips. With Discovery, everything is taken care of for you. Everything. There are no hidden costs, no extra charges and no add-on expenses. Our mission is to take care of our students and teachers; never take advantage. With Discovery, all-inclusive means just that—three meals a day (plus snacks!), hotels, tickets, transportation, tips, planning, and scheduling is taken care of for you. But it’s about more than just taking care of your luggage, your daily schedule and your meals. It’s about traveling comfortably, having an experienced travel manager at your side, and staying safe.

That’s why Discovery Student Adventures obsesses over the quality of your experience. You’ll stay in hotels, not hostels. You’ll eat nutritious, safe, high quality and highly delicious local meals. We even have a pediatric dietitian review all of our menus. You’ll travel in the most reliable and comfortable trains, buses, minivans and planes. All of this passes through Discovery’s strict standards and audits. So what does your child need on a Discovery Student Adventure? An open mind. A curiosity for the world. And maybe a little pocket money for souvenirs. Because everything else is covered—right down to the bellhop’s tip!

Peace of Mind

From the moment students and teachers arrive at the gateway airport to their return, we take care of all the logistics. With almost 50 years of student travel experience, we have every detail covered. There is no detail too big or too small that we don't manage.

Everything is Included

There are no hidden costs on a Discovery Student Adventure. We cover everything but the souvenirs, including:


All groups travel together with the leader(s) on an international flight from a U.S. gateway city. The city will be confirmed at the time of reservation. (Note that because costs from different departure cities vary, your final cost with airfare may be different than the one estimated in the Destinations section of the website. Optional luggage fees may apply.)

On the ground, students travel primarily in a private motor coach. In some instances, ferries (including overnight ferries), trains (including overnight trains), 4x4 vehicles, and other modes of transportation are used.


Clean, safe, and comfortable accommodations in three- and four-star hotels are provided for our students and teachers. We also secure other fascinating lodgings to heighten the adventure experience or immerse students in the culture of the destination. These unique accommodations may include jungle lodges, educational facilities, research centers, camping near Incan ruins, overnight aquariums, or snow caves. Accommodation descriptions are listed in each itinerary, and will be confirmed prior to departure.

Whether hotels or alternate lodgings, all accommodations are selected based on our highest health and safety standards.

Experts on the destination

A full-time travel manager escorts each group from the moment they arrive at international destination straight through to departure. The travel manager handles the daily logistics in each country, working with teachers on the daily schedule, preparing for activities, and navigating students through the itinerary. The travel manager is also local reference point for questions about the destination.

Activities and experts

All activities and sites listed in the itinerary, and any equipment needed to enjoy them, are provided in the trip cost. Each trip will include a community service activity for which students can earn 10 service-learning hours.

Groups also enjoy access to world-class experts with a wide range of careers, from dive masters to anthropologists to warrior monks.

Academic credit

Because of the academics built into each Discovery Student Adventure, students in grades 9-12 who participate actively in the trip are eligible to earn high school credit. This credit is included in the overall cost. Discovery Education provides teachers with multimedia curriculum that underpins the learning on each activity, and the teachers themselves may also earn continuing education credits.


All programs include three daily meals approved by a pediatric nutritionist. Specific dietary needs can be accommodated. Most dining experiences will be in a buffet style or limited-option menu. Meals will often be designed to include selections of local fare for a true taste of the destination country.

Experienced educators

The outstanding educators chosen to lead our student groups are highly screened, and as committed as we are to each students health and well-being.


Our proven fundraising resources help you prepare for the journey long before your departure date.

Round-the-clock support

Our commitment to participants’ safety is unequaled in the industry. Adventure specialists are available 24/7 to help with questions and facilitate communication with family back home as needed, and trained response teams stand ready to support travel groups at a moments notice.