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Discovery Student Adventures

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The Discovery Difference

When you see the world through the eyes of Discovery, you see the world through the eyes of an explorer, a scientist, an adventurer. On a Discovery Student Adventure, we value the authentic interaction between cultures. With Discovery Education’s unparalleled access on our educational adventures, you will explore the hidden treasures few tourists ever see. But most of all, you will interact with the local people, landscape, food, and wildlife. Real interaction. The kind that starts with a handshake and ends in friendship. The kind that can only happen when you let your curiosity be your compass, and discovery be your destination. And since our teacher-led trips are all-inclusive, you never have to worry about the travel details—it’s all taken care of for you. On a Discovery Student Adventure, the world is your classroom. So pack your curiosity—you’ve got the world to see.

Learn Adventurously.

There’s a reason they’re called Discovery Student Adventures. Every trip includes activities designed to pump adrenaline to the far reaches of your body. From rappelling down waterfalls in the Costa Rican rainforest to tracking real live game deep in the African bush to looking a great white shark straight in the eyes off the coast of South Africa—your heart will be pounding, your palms sweating, and your sense of accomplishment overwhelming. Our student group tours may be educational, but they’re also phenomenally good fun. So go ahead, jump right in and enjoy the challenge.

Open Your Eyes. And Your Mind.

It’s a great big world out there, and each country has its own rich culture and fascinating history. No one appreciates this more than Discovery, a company that’s always had the world as its focus. It’s no surprise then, that instead of simply visiting Robben Island, the site of Nelson Mandela’s incarceration during South Africa’s apartheid era, you’ll be guided through the prison by a former political detainee. Activities like these, and there are many, reveal the world in a whole new light. And this new understanding of the world will live with you long after the adventure is over.

The Ultimate Field Trip

When it comes to science, there’s no better way to learn than by experience. That’s what field trips are all about. But on a Discovery Student Adventure, they’re really kicked up a notch. Take our Arctic expedition. As you sail the Arctic waters, you’ll join a crew of thirty scientists and experts who’ll lead you through daily workshops in this fragile, frigid ecosystem. In Costa Rica, you’ll join researchers working to preserve endangered sea turtle populations by helping to build or relocate hatcheries for their eggs. Taking what you’ve learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world is education at its best—and most thrilling.

Get in the Green Zone

Respect for the planet has been at the very core of Discovery since its founding. Combine this reverence with an endless wonder, curiosity, and passion, and it’s understandable why every Discovery Student Adventure has at least one activity dedicated to conservation and the environment. By watching polar bears in their natural habitat, you’ll understand why this majestic animal now finds itself endangered. The more we know about our planet, the more we can help preserve it for others to enjoy. That’s why our student group tours never leave a messy footprint. It’s why we pack out what we pack in. It’s about being more than a student abroad; it’s about being a good steward abroad.

Change the World. Change Yourself.

If it were just about going, observing, and leaving, it wouldn’t be a Discovery Student Adventure. Instead, our trips provide you with unique opportunities to not only visit local communities, but also to serve them. In China, for example, you’ll brighten the lives of sick children in the Songtang Hospice simply by reading to them in English. In Australia, you’ll contribute to the coral research efforts of the Great Barrier Reef. Without question, you’ll gain from whichever trip you go on. But you’ll also have many chances to give back. And it’s those interactions that change everyone for the better. And for good.

Travel Abroad 2.0

Discovery Education’s rich digital content can bring your adventure to life even before you board the plane. Online lessons, webinars, and videos will help set the stage for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Once there, harness the web to document your experience. Blogs, online diaries, photos uploaded to your favorite social networking site—our students do it all. However you choose to stay in touch with your family and make your friends jealous is fine with us. On a Discovery Student Adventure, we are committed to technology enhancing the travel experience.